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Agropoli is not easily forgotten for its enogastronomy linked to the ancient fishing tradition and its Mediterranean Diet. On Agropolis tables there is never a lack of legumes, blue fish, dairy products, vegetables, fresh seasonal vegetables and products of excellence of its land, from DOC wine to DOP olive oil and Cilento DOP white figs.

The Cilento DOP white fig

The Cilento DOP white fig is very sweet and refers to the quality of the dried “Dottato”. It takes its name from the yellow of the dried fruit peel.

Cilento DOP olive oil

The olive tree characterizes the landscape of Cilento at least from IV century BC. The extra virgin olive oil of Cilento DOP is of straw yellow, sweet and delicate with hazelnut and almond aftertaste.

The menace anchovies

The menace anchovies are a typical product only of Cilento,  exactly of Pisciotta, and of a few other places.

To know and appreciate the local flavors, you can take part in enogastronomy tours organized during the year and in various seasons by specialized companies of typical products.